Angers, France. 02-05-2014

It’s funny how some things are better after we’ve left them. Many times, it’s only through distance in time and space that we realize how good something was. Does this mean that the goodness lies only in retrospection and not in the present? What does this say about value and about how we value? I wonder if there’s a way to consciously feel introspective nostalgia, in a present time; a way of looking outside of a moment to really appreciate that moment.

It’s odd…and makes me feel like we’re all slaves to time. But perhaps the greatness of places, moments, people, and events is too great to be truly & completely felt and understood in the way that nostalgia yields illumination.

Perhaps it’s too hard to grasp how grand and big parts of life, places of nature & man, are because our worlds are too small. Our own private worlds are so all-consuming that they don’t allow us to feel such splendid grandiosity.

Perhaps it’s a means of perception: a way of looking. Perspective opens up the freedom to experience greatness.

Light or heavy: which would you pick? Such an impossible question. It seems reasonable and completely illogical all at the same time.

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